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This journal is a newsletter for Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel RPG fans, to keep up with their RPG's within this fandom. 2 days out of the week we post new threads from several RPG's, PRG Ad comms, RPG Award comms and One on One Comms.

I post on Saturday/Sunday and Wednesday's.

If you would like a game added, just reply to one of the posts and we'll add the game.

tvrpg_herald RPG newsletter for Veronica Mars, Roswell & Firefly RPG's.
rpg_broadwave RPG Newsletter for Firefly RPG's.
gimmie_love: Feedback Forum for Games and/or threads
buffyreview: For reviews of Buffy/Angel games and characters.
watching_daily For Fic and Recoures about Wesley Wyndam-Pryce/Alexis Denisof.
su_herald: For Fic and Resources in the Buffy/Angel fandom.
rpg_prophet RPG newsletter for all Harry Potter based RPGs.

Please note that this is a closed community however you can read The RPG Herald by adding it as a friend.